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Counselling Relationship Problems

Counselling Relationship Problems can effectively resolve marriage, homosexual couple and all family relationship conflicts. Imago Therapy empowers you and your loved one to resolve future family crises. The following includes extracts from the Imago Relationships International website because Couple, Marriage and Family Problems are so common in all western societies. Pressures of work, busy lives, unstable economies and financial stresses all have a big impact on our relationships.

FIFO families have unique challenges which the counselling profession is only starting to collate research on. SUPPORT GROUPS   are a wonderful addition to your coping resources. More information is available on industry websites  and online services  but Imago coaching gives you the skills to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

We seem to always choose a partner who isn’t very good at meeting some of our needs in life, even though there was something about them that caused us to fall head-over-heals in love with them. Counselling Relationship Problems with Imago Relationship Therapy actually shows you how the things that, in the beginning, attracted us to the other person become sources of conflict!

Wouldn’t it help if our partner really understood what is really going on in our world. Maybe then they would stretch a little bit more towards us, and provide those needs. Maybe they would spend a little more time with us, or leave us alone a little more – or whatever it is that is that would increase our happiness.

Some of the most important issues may seem small, but are actually loaded with emotions. They emerge at the very heart of all the big arguments we have. How can we talk about them in a way that doesn’t trigger yet another big argument?

The first step towards a better relationship is to have a calm and effective way to talk about these big issues. The Imago Dialogue is a way to have a deep and rewarding conversation, that helps you and your partner really understand the issues that seem to recur in the heat of conflict. Counselling Relationship Problems with Imago Relationship Therapy really teaches you these skills.

How can we talk about difficult things? It often leads to an argument.

Do you ever find yourself getting a little tense before a “serious talk”? couple_250

Is your partner once again going to tell you what you do wrong, and what you need to do right! What do they expect you to do? Maybe you will get angry and deny it all, and who can blame you! Or maybe you will sit through it feeling miserable, wondering how they could interpret you as so unkind and uncaring.

It’s very hard to hear what your partner needs without some kind of reaction!

Counselling Relationship Problems with Imago Relationship Therapy helps you improve the difficult conversations. Imago Therapy maintains strong and loving for feelings your partner whilst discussing the problems. You can trust a process that is safe, respectful, caring, and very interesting!

Imagine that you can take a holiday from being you for a moment. You can walk across a bridge to sit for a while in the land of your partner, as a welcome and valued guest. There, without judgment, you can learn about what it is like to be them, what they need, and how you can help them, just by listening, and sharing their experience. And then they can do the same for you. It’s fascinating; to be able to learn so much about the person you love most in the world!

One thing many of us learn when we do this, is how different our partner really is from us! The things they did never made sense before we really listened. They may have just seemed a little selfish, or irresponsible, or uncaring. But now when we really listen to them speak; we realize that to them, it all makes perfect sense in a way that is amazing! Our partner isn’t like us at all – how interesting. The Dialogue can become a huge voyage of discovery.

Things don’t ever really change in a relationship, do they?

After a while we get to know our partners very well. The relationship problems that you cant resolve become a part of who you are as a couple? It can get to seem like nothing is ever really going to change. We enjoy the good moments, and put up with the bad. Maybe if there are too many bad ones, we are wondering if it will be time to leave soon, unless something changes pretty fast.

There are things you can do to create change. Most of them need to be done by you and your partner together. They are simple, but can be very powerful. Imago Therapy will give you skills to continue a happy, caring and understanding relationship and overcome your Marriage & Couple Problems.

Follow the links to IRI’s website to find out more about each one:

  1. You can learn more about your partners through the Imago Dialogue, and learn to see why everything they do makes sense from their point of view
  2. You and your partner can use the Imago Dialogue to share some of the things that you have always feared. These often are the things that lie behind those big arguments. Just understanding them can create a huge transformation.
  3. You can decide to simply leave behind things which are destructive for a relationship, like all shame, blame and criticism of each other
  4. You can introduce some new habits, like each day finding a moment to share an appreciation with each other.
  5. You can learn to stretch a little, now you understand more what your partner wants. This may be just the thing to help you feel better about yourself too!

How do we manage our money and assets?

Many Marriage & Couple Problems involve money. When couples use the Imago dialogue it has really helped each person understand how their growing up experiences influence current attitudes, behaviours and wishes. You will really benefit from understanding your own attitude, behaviours and wishes and those of your partner.

Having an understanding of each other will help you plan how you are going to manage your money and assets. 

Although thinking about all this is most unromantic, forewarned is  fore-armed and prevents alot of ongoing conflict, eventual relationship breakdown and worst of all – a bitter property division dispute.


What if  one of us owns our home and the other has nothing?

Unfortunately, many relationships end up at the mercy of the Family Law Act when the relationship ends. Many people have lost significant amounts of their savings due to trustingly welcoming the other into their home or selling it and putting the cash into a joint property, without a discussion about possible written legal agreements. This is very important if you have children from previous relationships.

Caution: Mortgages are deducted from both – even if you put in most of the cash… Yes, and your cash is divided amongst both depending on a variety of contributions. 

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