Relationships grow in Community

Relationships need Support Relationships need a support network because let’s face it – all couples including LGBTQ and traditional marriages – have gaps. No two people can satisfy each other’s needs or be 100% all the time, if ever totally. Why not explore living in a community of people, sharing a garden and other similar … Read more

Loneliness solutions to explore

Loneliness plague in our society Loneliness is a major contributor to ill-health both physical and mental. Counselling can assist you to explore options to reduce the effects of loneliness. How about we address the cause? Loneliness solutions Community-living options allow you the amount of common-space, shared activities and distance that you need. How about you … Read more

Francess Day’s Blog – Welcome

Welcome to my Blog Women’s Accommodation Project Are you looking for somewhere to live for a short, medium or unknown amount of time? This first blog opens the window to some options for you. In the last 3 years, I’ve housed 24 women for long or short amounts of time. There are a few more … Read more