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Welcome to my Blog

Women’s Accommodation Project

Are you looking for somewhere to live for a short, medium or unknown amount of time?

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Accommodation Opportunities Blog

This first blog opens the window to some options for you.

In the last 3 years, I’ve housed 24 women for long or short amounts of time.

There are a few more women interested in sharing their home with women who cannot afford to rent on their own at the moment.  Contact me to explore involvement and development of a support network.

Have a look at my site page for more developments and other options.  Contact us here  as there are spaces in the shared house.

We provide a phone number and internet information and contacts to single and/or older women seeking safe, peaceful and sustainable private medium-long term Women’s Accommodation.  Until now, it appears that no one agency or organisation coordinates Women’s Accommodation – for single, mature, middle-age, older, women. Mental Illness often leads to homelessness however:- Homelessness leads to Mental Illness. [Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; wide research and practitioner experience].

  • How many women do you know who cannot get their application for rental housing accepted due to the lack of income or multiple applicants?
    • our network could link up women to apply together for questions above and below!
  • Do you know women who would like to buy jointly with another woman?

Are you one of these women AND can YOU even AFFORD to buy or rent a decent home on your own?