History repeats itself, but you can change your future

History repeats itself History repeats itself in so many ways in our life, relationships and interactions within your marriage and extended family. Would you like to take charge of your future? Stop the cycle. Be empowered to not ‘end up like a parent’ who you had promised yourself not to end up like. Imago Relationship Coaching … Read more

Inter-generational Trauma – start healing today

Inter-generational Trauma – Learning to stop cycles Inter-generational Trauma can get more complicated or We can take steps to heal it so that we don’t pass it on to our children, and grand-children. The first step is becoming aware of what is healthy functioning, because whatever we grow up with is ‘normal’ to us and … Read more

Rekindle Romance to make Christmas really special

Rekindle Romance for Christmas Rekindle Romance involves only a few sessions of ‘Relationship Counselling’ with a very special process called Imago. We help you reconnect like you were in the early days in ways which suit your age and current tastes.   Have you wondered why what you did then doesn’t work now? If you … Read more

Spring into Relationship Rejuvenation Today

Spring is Nest & Growth Time Spring into the excitement of your early relationship times now. Everywhere birds and every other living creature is connected with their partner creating new life – being together expressing their love. What has happened to Human’s Priorities? Are you too busy to make a date? When was the last time … Read more

Marriage couple counselling

Marriage couple counselling gives you both communication skills to offer each other the understanding and empathy where you feel really understood and listened to. Imago therapy is a holistic style of counselling which coaches you in the skills so that you can handle any future conflicts or differences of opinion, need or preferences, so that counselling isn’t … Read more