Communication problems need nipping in the bud quick

Communication problems can be solved easily  🙂

Communication problems can escalate into major conflicts if not addressed in the early stages. Imago therapy equips you with skills that make your communication easy, effective and pleasurable.

Imagine all your communication problems replaced in only a few sessions where you are coached to become really good at effective communication!

How is your listening?

Do you just sit there quietly waiting to for the other to stop speaking so you can give your view, some advice or walk off without a word?

Good listening is active, where we give feedback to the speaker that lets them know how we’ve understood it. If we are really good, we also acknowledge how things makes sense that the speaker feels or thinks the way that they do.

How good are you at giving Empathy?

Communication problems often have only one thing missing. Empathy is different to sympathy.

Communication problems
She looks understood

How would you like to feel understood by your partner, parent, child in every discussion – no matter how difficult the subject is?

Do others feel like you understand their FEELINGS?

Yes, that’s the key ingredient  🙂

We will coach you how to do this essential skill.  It’s hard to do in a conflict situation, so why not practice when sharing nice things?

During the coaching sessions we deal with the core issues – hot potatoes  🙂

What if we Disagree?

Can you agree to disagree?  If you learn the above skills – it will be easy to see it from their perspective.  Often it’s the interesting different strengths that attract you to a person… but what happens?

Do we mention ‘power struggles’?

More likely it’s a person feeling that their needs aren’t being met that blocks their ability to put themselves in the other’s shoes.  So if we can help you with these communication skills – we can make your marriage and other

Communication problems
Admiring other’s differences

relationships exciting again.

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