Nature therapy Benefits

Nature therapy Research papers Nature therapy utilises the healing benefits of the natural environment enhanced with your experienced counsellor helping you process your life challenges. A sample of Research results are listed below for you to read however you can find a lot more research using the keywords ‘Nature therapy Benefits’. Make a Nature therapy … Read more

Green vegetables impact relationships

Green vegetable Health Benefits to Couples Green vegetable benefits include reduced stress, more energy, better memory and keep your body younger! Nearly half the people who reach the age of 85 in the US today have Alzheimer’s.  What would 11 more years of healthy brain function be worth to them and their families — versus … Read more

Focus on your health builds Resilience

Focus on your health gives you a sense of control Focus on your health in uncertain times is something that you can do to feel good & positive about your marriage and other relationships. Many people are turning to gardening this year, to enjoy life NOW and look to the future as a couple, individual or … Read more

Corona Virus  Prevention – boost your immunity

Corona Virus  Prevention – Common sense collated with links to other useful info 🙂 Corona Virus  Prevention begins with Reduction of Stress & Fear. Bringing calm to your inner environment in a time of panic and fear is a critical strategy. The easiest way to do this is to regularly practice deep diaphragmatic breathing and … Read more

Computer communicates Alida’s story to you all

Computer provides additional information Computer search time Sophie thought, then turned on her tablet computer and found the town where Alida had died. The picture expanded to show the parks and the motorway. ‘There it is. That’s where my granddaughter lives now.’ Bea announced. ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Sophie laughed. ‘Of all the towns for Flavia … Read more

Share your garden with bees & pollinate plants

Share your garden with bees & enjoy many rewards Share your garden with bees to empower your family’s ability to make a difference to the planet’s survival, thus enjoy feeling happier, a sense of accomplishment and harmony with nature and the community. A bonus is receiving free honey from the bee-keeper’s harvest, having great pollination … Read more