Uncanny coincidences can provide bonding

Uncanny coincidences make family history exploration fascinating Uncanny that Flavia has lived in the group home for deaf people for the few years since I’ve been putting together the pieces of Alida’s life, Sophie thought, as she cycled back to Anna’s place loaded up with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and dried fruit from the farmers’ … Read more

Surviving PTSD is a good reason to Celebrate often

Surviving is no easy feat, but achievable 🙂 Surviving the last person in WA to be sentenced to death [commuted to life after 4 months public debate, then abolition of the death sentence in 1980] for the murder of the engaged couple, my 40th anniversary of life celebration – is to come out of hiding. … Read more

Family therapy creates harmonious communication

Family therapy for arguments about climate Family therapy is a place for you to create harmony, and respect for other views. The following scientifically-based evidence is provided by Environment Correspondent, Fiona Harvey who has provided many valuable links which need to be shared repeatedly 🙂 ‘Greenhouse gas emissions could be halved in the next decade … Read more

Marriage Counselling is Needed before you think so

Marriage Counselling is Needed Urgently ☹ Marriage Counselling is Needed … Yes indeed. How often have you thought this to yourself? Is it going to take your partner leaving, having an affair, or giving you an ultimatum to get around to investing time and money on saving the relationship? Ph 0417 997 016 today or … Read more

Midland marriage counselling

Midland marriage counselling will start 2019 in good stead Midland marriage counselling is open over the Christmas break 🙂 Somebody needs to be there for you when you can put some time into developing the relationship you have wished for. It’s a time when many people feel disappointed, having hoped that the magic of Christmas … Read more