Marriage Counselling is Needed before you think so

Marriage Counselling is Needed Urgently ☹

Marriage Counselling is Needed … Yes indeed. How often have you thought this to yourself?

Is it going to take your partner leaving, having an affair, or giving you an ultimatum to get around to investing time and money on saving the relationship?

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Leaving it too late

This is the most common failing of all relationships which break up. It only takes an average of a couple of years for the Romance to fade, then it takes an increasing amount of effort to keep the excitement in a marriage or other relationship. People get too familiar, take each other for granted, bored, too busy or several other reasons which weren’t part of the commitment made at the beginning.

In the beginning, the loved one was the focus of attention

Desperate to secure the commitment of the other, we couldn’t do enough for them.

Marriage Counselling is Needed as soon as one of you notices a waning of attention, or worse still – negative attention. Don’t wait till your partner is married to the job, hobby or the children.

Passive exits like affairs, alcohol or drugs, work or children [to name only a few] prod people to decide Marriage Counselling is Needed….. but often it is too late. Of course, it’s worth a try, and it can help make the break-up easier, kinder and more respectful. Imago Relationship Therapy has a special process for saying good-bye which increases the probability of a good outcome.

Marriage Counselling is Needed to rejuvenate

Marriage Counselling is Needed
Marriage Counselling is Needed when love is dying

Autumn is a time of letting go of worn-out leaves, habits, and defences. It’s hard especially when they look so good, feel so familiar, and are so automatic to do. Create a brighter future with your loved one for your family and good health and well-being. Invest in your relationship’s communication, connection, and give the love that the other needs. It’s what attracted you to each other in the first place 😊

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