Without her own mother, Alida, life was practical

Without her own mother, as she was growing up, mum was like a slave to her father and his mistress, so she didn’t really think about emotional needs. Sophie wiped her nose as she reflected on her relationship with her recently deceased mum. She recalled how she’d paused for three months from her weekly phone … Read more

Computer communicates Alida’s story to you all

Computer provides additional information Computer search time Sophie thought, then turned on her tablet computer and found the town where Alida had died. The picture expanded to show the parks and the motorway. ‘There it is. That’s where my granddaughter lives now.’ Bea announced. ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Sophie laughed. ‘Of all the towns for Flavia … Read more

Outings give institutionalised people hope – Ch 13

Outings create excitement ‘Outings might be very wet today,’ Sophie announced to Bea as she glanced out of the kitchen window. ‘Yes. It’s coffee time,’ Bea sang. ‘Laaah lele laah. I’ve been busy running up and down the stairs, collating and sorting business paperwork. What are you going to do on such a drab day?’ … Read more

Cycles of Abuse can be stopped

Cycles of Abuse as family norms Cycles of abuse is something we need to confront, Sophie thought as she returned to the dining table where Bea was ready to discuss more of Alida’s story. ‘Tante Emmanuelle told me how Opa’s other woman was always around him. Even Alida and Opa’s children had to call her … Read more

Family patterns can help or hinder you – learn more here

Family patterns are important to understand Family patterns can help you in your future relationships when there is a history of healthy relationships between couples, and parents with their children.  But what if they are not and you are trying to change some automatic reactions that you’ve learned? Change your family patterns Imago therapy coaches … Read more