Basic life needs gathering can be great fun – Ch 12

Basic life needs are foundational to a happy life Basic life needs freed Sophie from grappling with the incomprehensible events of Alida’s life. Delighting in the morning sunshine, she cycled to the farmer’s market for a week’s supply of fish, cheese, and vegetables to top up Bea’s garden supply. ‘Heb je een beetje stinkende kaas, … Read more

Quality Time to enjoy DEstress activities

Quality Time to DEstress Quality Time doing simple DEstress things with your loved ones is the best therapy for every couple, family or friends. There is nothing more relaxing than being in the sunshine wandering down a creek, through wildflowers with birds chorusing…. and it costs nothing. Everything slows down including your metabolism, mind and … Read more

DEstress as you try community-living

DEstress as you Try Out Community Living on a Sustainable Property DEstress in our garden flat at an almost fully off-the-grid self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks. Imagine only travelling 30km for a school holiday experience of wildlife, flowers and winter creek waterfalls, staying at a very affordable home. Book now via  AirBnb … Read more