Quality Time to enjoy DEstress activities

Quality Time to DEstress

Quality Time doing simple DEstress things with your loved ones is the best therapy for every couple, family or friends. There is nothing more relaxing than being in the sunshine wandering down a creek, through wildflowers with birds chorusing…. and it costs nothing.

Everything slows down including your metabolism, mind and heart.

There’s space during Quality Time to:-

  • think,
  • remember all those things that you mean’t to share with your loved one;
  • ponder problems;
  • share dreams;
  • brainstorm holidays
  • eat the fruits of your labours
Quality Time
Sharing Fruits of Labour with Special people


  • what else would you put at the top of this list?

Why waste wonderful weeds?

Quality Time
Flat out weeding the path

Come & see how easy it is to be flat out weeding, composting, re-purposing materials, growing low-maintenance veges at the right time and living almost off the grid!


Please RSVP on https://broadening-horizons.com.au/contact/ & we will give you precise address that way 🙂

14 Oct, Sunday Presentation will show you how to:-

• shade & power your house & car,
• collect & filter your water
• keep your fruit & veges safe from unwanted creatures
• feed your plants without buying fertiliser
• save water on your lawn, if you haven’t got rid of it yet.
Some of these features are shown in the photos😊

Time 230-5pm
Entry Contribution [payable on the day]: $5 or please bring a plate of healthy food to share for afternoon tea.

We will finish off with a wander down the creek amongst wildflowers, wildlife like big reds, birds, frogs etc.

Quality Time
Wonderful Wildflower Walk


Quality Time is Your Time

Unwind regularly with these simple activities and watch your mood lift, stabilise and make others want to know how you do it?

Those muscle tensions that you race to the physiotherapist or others to fix will disappear and make a time for you to be still even when walking in nature.


Stillness is a state of mind, where the body isn’t necessarily immobile. Yoga is a great example.

More Pics at https://www.facebook.com/Healing-Retreat-384747858540765/

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