Handling difficult behaviours in kids or adults

Handling difficult behaviours in family Relationships work in progress… but here’s something to listen to to start with 🙂   https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/mark-dadds-parenting-children-adhd-autism-discipline-love/102536982  

Returning home to safety or is it unsafe?

Returning home can be comfortably familiar Returning home to Anna’s, Sophie packed away the dishes and leftover ingredients, while Anna took her Alsatian out for a walk. When she returned she said, ‘The only problem is that my mother has got locked out of her apartment for the last two Sundays.’ Anna chuckled. ‘She phones … Read more

Communication diversity enriches our life

Communication diversity increases tolerance of others Communication diversity expanded with the arrival of Bea’s youngest daughter Anna, together with her 20-year-old deaf daughter Flavia. The weather is perfect for travelling in the car to find castles in the beautiful Limburg region, thought Sophie as her face shone like the sun. As Anna drove at a … Read more

Imago marriage counselling will help you

Imago marriage counselling makes “too hard” OK Imago marriage counselling provides a safe environment to practice respectful, caring communication about the most difficult topics to discuss. A structured process ensures that the most awful news is communicated sensitively so that the listener is able to hear and absorb it. Do certain subjects always cause arguments … Read more

Old lady is shining example – Ch 9

Old lady Cautions and Inspires Old lady, Sophie snorted to herself reflecting on the previous evening’s comments made by Bea who was perplexed at why her workers loved to visit her. A little while later, Bea joined Sophie in the kitchen. ‘Today the gardener comes. I wonder what mischief he will cause today?’ ‘Oh, was … Read more

Chapter 6 – Secretive Family

Secretive Family members ‘Secretive TV, give over!’ Bea pushed a button repeatedly, till there was a TV programme. ‘But it’s not the channel I want!’ Bea protested with a glum face. She continued to press the same button, till the screen showed many thousands of people engaged in what appeared to be a modern outdoor … Read more

Alida Gets Life – Family – Chapter 1

Family also suffers trauma from a personal traumatic episode The whole family has suffered a lot from what was done to your Oma Alida, Bea’s frequently repeated statement echoed through Sophie’s mind as her favourite countryside’s soul was absorbed into her heart. Stepped walls protruded above the end of the Maastricht train station as it … Read more

Communication problems need nipping in the bud quick

Communication problems can be solved easily  🙂 Communication problems can escalate into major conflicts if not addressed in the early stages. Imago therapy equips you with skills that make your communication easy, effective and pleasurable. Imagine all your communication problems replaced in only a few sessions where you are coached to become really good at … Read more