Imago marriage counselling will help you

Imago marriage counselling makes “too hard” OK

Imago marriage counselling provides a safe environment to practice respectful, caring communication about the most difficult topics to discuss. A structured process ensures that the most awful news is communicated sensitively so that the listener is able to hear and absorb it.

Do certain subjects always cause arguments or somebody to leave?

Imago marriage counselling asks you to present your point of view or feelings without blame, shame or insensitivity. Small bite-sized bits are then clarified by the listener. [The only way to eat the elephant in the room too :-)] Gently we nibble away till the listener has the whole picture, then s/he will respond in Imago marriage counselling ways.

Imagine being able to communicate well about everything 🙂

Imago marriage counselling
Imago marriage counselling does macro & micro, zooming in on the couple

Before we start nibbling at one issue, we collect a whole picture in a brief, precise list. What attracted you to each other? What are all the different ways that stress is caused in the relationship? We then examine each person’s perspective of how much stress is caused by each issue.

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What are the root causes?

Rather than blaming, we look at what caused the hurt, misunderstanding or even bad behaviour. The listener is able to offer something to begin the healing process. Both people have a say about the offer, then a commitment to carry it out when promised is made.

What’s so special about Imago marriage counselling?

Imago specialists have participated in a week’s worth of practical training. We also need to participate in a weekend to experience the process of examining our own relationship issues. A whole year is supervised by an experienced Imago Therapist, using video footage of sessions provided to couples for free. The supervisor and peers give feedback to the trainee therapist about their strengths and weaknesses. Questions are answered and extra coaching is given where needed. The structured processes are presented in theory discussion,  video and practical demonstration with discussion, and practised by trainees on each other during the practical training.  We know what it feels like 🙂

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