Communication daily is the key to relationships

Communication daily conveys interest in each other

Communication in a positive way is the key to successful relationships. But how do you stay positive when life gets tough? Do you sometimes think you’ve ‘outgrown each other?’ Long-term relationships can be tough work right?

The secret sauce to long-term relationship success

Jess Strutt’s ABC Focus program explores the secret with a successful couple in separate conversations and discusses these with relationship therapist. She said, ‘There’s ups and downs and sometimes sticking around during those challenging times can seem like a waste of time.’ What she found out was that daily communication about each

Connecting verbally with eye contact showing interest

person’s day, even if it was mundane same, conveyed interest, respect and value for what the other felt and did.

How is the mundane important?

How your partner is feeling about their day, themselves, and what concerns them is what is vitally important to maintaining relationship connection, care, and love enduring. It’s not the subject of the words, but their feelings that count.

Your response and support is the other really important part of this conversation. So it’s all about how each of you act and react to each other in the conversation, not what happened.

Maintaining meaningful communication prevents ‘growing apart’

My partner doesn’t care about me. How do we show care and concern even when we are apart as in FIFO or less frequent business trips?  The meaningful conversations that ask how your day went, how are you, what are you thinking of doing in your time off or when we see each other again keep the focus on each other. It is neither positive or negative – how easy is that 🙂

So pick up the phone and ask the questions, listen, encourage and appreciate your loved one. If you’ve forgotten how, give me a call for some coaching sessions & you’ll get back to the romance that got you started 🙂

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