Community-living sustainably self-sufficient

Community-living with only a couple of households

Community-living provides the benefits of multi-generational skills and wisdom to successfully Grow our own fruit & vegetables, DIY [making & fixing things], living sustainably, biodynamic gardening – Perth hills lifestyle.

Community-living with 1 maybe 2 other households involves sharing the large yard, garden, rainwater, solar PV & 23kw battery. Located only 6km to Midland train with adequate bus service the layout preserves the large yard, the environment, trees, birdlife, even the occasional visits by kangaroos on the cul-de-sac.

Imagine only travelling 30km to Perth city and returning to a daily experience of wildlife, flowers and National Park winter creek waterfalls…fresh fruit & vege at a fully self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks. The Midland train is 6km by bus/car and only takes 25 minutes – quicker than Fremantle and Joondalup to Perth !

If you, or somebody you know,  have always dreamed of living the healthy Perth hills lifestyle this 3 x 1, separate toilet, is your opportunity – but only for the right family or group of 2-3 housemates who want this type of lifestyle 🍃 An absolute non-smoking property. You need three references who will be contacted.
 The opportunity for a young family or group of 2-3 housemates has a stable rent of $450/week 😃 power and water consumption are included in the rent price because of the self sufficient features of the house which is available from 29 May, 2022. 😃 Regular connection fees still apply, as does consumption exceeding previous years’ normal consumption. And, you need to pay for your own contents insurance as it won’t be included in the landlords’ insurance.

Imagine having NO surprise bills, other than your car. Not worrying about prices of fruit & vegetables or lack of availability 😃

Garden overflowing with vegetables, some with protective nets & grapevines partway pruned here to welcome sun to garden and window – hence the ladder

Community-living offers an example of down-sizing for not-old child-free or older persons wishing to share the garden and other common areas and activities as agreed collaboratively by all residents and other benefits here. 😃 So yes, this means that the occupants of the 3×1 house need to invest a total average of 8 hours/week working in the yard 😃

Of course I am lucky and old enough to have experienced what it means to be part of the hills community where people in the whole Shire gather together and support each other with community spirit not just when there’s a bushfire or flood … to build what is now known as Social Capital.

3 x 1 spacious sustainable self-sufficient house available to move into on 29 May 2022

😃 Please tell me about yourselves and what you’re looking for in your lifestyle and your relevant experience in Email  😃 after you’ve read all the information, please.

Sustainable Focus Community-living

The property has already maximised solar passive benefits and lowest impact on the environment. This includes aesthetics which blend into the surroundings so that neighbours would barely see the building.

  • An Aerobic Treatment Unit [ATU] to suit the community’s requirements provides reticulation to fruit trees & grapevines planted around the property.
  • Fire retardant trees, vines and building materials are preferred, although shadecloth is still used while vegetation grows.
  • Rainwater tanks have supplied the dwellings, vege gardens and all other vegetation on this 1452m2 green block for over 6 years.
  • Solar PV and battery storage has met all the house needs for nearly 2 years now. Good as off-grid, but still connected for  summer 7c credits exchange for grid consumption in the dead of winter when heating exceeds sunshine – no annual consumption charges due to built up credit!

Only a few minute’s walk to Greenmount National Park, about 17 mins walk to buses or 6 km drive to Midland train station.

More information at

The ‘not old but mature’ owner is passionate about sustainable Community-living and acquired the property in 2013 to provide affordable accommodation to women during the rental crisis. She now provides affordable accommodation to all people via Air BnB, but looking to settle in granny flat with more permanent rental residents in the main house.

Yes, I’m looking for the right people to possibly eventually buy in and share this property which is 1,453 ㎡, with 153,300 litres of rainwater collected each winter.

Initially, the younger couple or family or group of 2-3 housemates could rent the 3×1 house while we all work together modifying and adapting agreements created by other small communities.

The most commonly preferred decision-making style is to work together like a Cooperative, and the Company would become the sole owner [which happens to suit the Shire’s ownership requirements of the block].

The most time and cost-effective way that purchase could begin is via buying shares in the ‘Company P/L’ that is already set up.

There is also the possibility of using the Co-housing Model which most commonly is based upon ‘Tenants in Common’ regulations. More information on this model can begin at .

Imagine waking to bird chorus,

  • showering in rainwater, drinking pure filtered rainwater,
  • using solar PV’s and home battery storage system,
  • growing more vegetables, fruit and
  • daily wildflower & bushwalks while living only 30 km from Perth CBD

    Community-living 3 x1 house beyond the parent’s retreat from roof of grannyflat

😃 Please tell me about yourselves and what you’re looking for in your lifestyle and your relevant experience in Email  😃

Community Living Future Opportunities

  1. There is potential for 3 households to live on this property, but the third unit [parent’s retreat] needs development.
  2. The most commonly preferred next step is to rent for a period while possibly developing an Agreement & method to buy into the 3 x 1 house. It is fine to remain as a rental tenant who treats the property like it was their own in cooperation with all other community members living on the property. This is true ‘social’ housing.
  3. More information on the Community-Living models of ownership can begin at based upon a Co-housing Model. Information and support links for the Cooperative and other models can begin at with more info about smaller privately-owned projects at