Community-living so people can downsize at home

Community-living with only a couple of households

Community-living at a fully self-sustainable property 300m from Greenmount Hills National Parks offers an example of down-sizing for older persons wishing to share the garden and other common areas and activities as agreed by all future residents. Come & try it out for a holiday; staying at a very affordable spacious home. Book now via

Imagine only travelling 30km for work and returning to a daily experience of wildlife, flowers and National Park winter creek waterfalls…

Beyond AirBnb holidays

Initially, the younger couple or family could rent the 3×1 house while we all work together modifying and adapting agreements created by other small communities. Of course you’d take out your own house & contents insurance then – have to write this as the insurance companies specialise in only AirBnb insurance, and won’t cover any other activity.

The most commonly preferred decision-making style is to work together like a Cooperative, and the Company would become the sole owner [which happens to suit the Shire’s ownership requirements of the block].

The most time and cost-effective way that purchase could begin is via buying shares in the ‘Company P/L’ that is already set up.

There is also the possibility of using the Co-housing Model which most commonly is based upon ‘Tenants in Common’ regulations. More information on this model can begin at .

Sustainable Focus Community-living

The property has already maximised solar passive benefits and lowest impact on the environment. This includes aesthetics which blend into the surroundings so that neighbours would barely see the building.

  • An Aerobic Treatment Unit [ATU] to suit the community’s requirements provides reticulation to fruit trees & grapevines planted around the property.
  • Fire retardant trees, vines and building materials are preferred, although shadecloth is still used while vegetation grows.
  • Rainwater tanks have supplied the dwellings, vege gardens and all other vegetation on this 1452m2 green block for over 5 years.
  • Solar PV and battery storage has met all the house needs for over 8 months now. Good as off-grid, but still connected for backup 🙂

Only a few minute’s walk to Greenmount National Park, about 17 mins walk to bus or 6 km drive to Midland train station.

The owner is passionate about sustainable Community-living and acquired the property to provide affordable accommodation to women during the rental crisis. She now provides affordable accommodation via Air BnB and invites you to rent main bedroom of the house] for a weekend, week or more’s holiday to experience the lifestyle without making the commitment.  Families have access to up to 3 bedrooms in the house.

More information at

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY 🙂  Yes, I’m looking for the right people to buy in and share this property which is 1,453 ㎡, with 147,300 litres of rainwater collected each winter.

Granny flat with main house on right of vege gardens

Imagine waking to bird chorus,

  • showering in rainwater, drinking pure filtered rainwater,
  • using solar PV’s and home storage system,
  • growing more vegetables, and
  • daily wildflower & bushwalks while living only 30 km from Perth CBD


Try Out Community Living Future Opportunities

  1. There is potential for 3 family-units to live on this property. The most commonly preferred next step is to visit a few times, stay over, then perhaps rent for a period while developing an Agreement & method to buy in.
  2. More information on the Community-Living models of ownership can begin at based upon a Co-housing Model. Information and support links for the Cooperative and other models can begin at ; with more info about smaller privately-owned projects at

Ph Francess  0417 997 016  or Email