Autumn Destress Retreat will revitalise you

 Autumn Destress Retreat to learn to relax   Immerse yourself with relaxation techniques which keep your body and mind well-tuned for the demands of your life. The aim is that you will then take something into your regular timetable to Learn to pace yourself. One third of the year has flown by. Time to destress … Read more

Inter-generational Trauma – start healing today

Inter-generational Trauma – Learning to stop cycles Inter-generational Trauma can get more complicated or We can take steps to heal it so that we don’t pass it on to our children, and grand-children. The first step is becoming aware of what is healthy functioning, because whatever we grow up with is ‘normal’ to us and … Read more

Glamping is luxury camping

Glamping has captured Imaginations Glamping is glamorous camping – luxury possibilities are endless. Imagine having more windows to connect with birds and plant-life than a tent… Plus your own kitchen, ensuite and a dining room…. It’s warmer too – even without the a/c All for a similar price at caravan park to park your caravan … Read more

EMDR is Trauma Healing using a Natural method – try it

EMDR is the Most Effective way to Heal from Trama EMDR is a Natural method which doesn’t require much talking about the trauma 🙂  This can be the hardest part for people to do because we don’t always have words for such an overwhelming experience. How does EMDR work? EMDR seems to activate your coping … Read more

Retreat to Relax invites you to Register by 9 August, 2017

Retreat to Relax & Learn DEstress Activities Retreat to Relax has ONLY 9 days till Registration deadline – so REGISTER QUICKLY on to be included on 19-20 August 10am Sat – 4pm Sun 🙂 ACTIVITIES INCLUDE Meditation, Sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to … Read more

EMDR cures the underlying PTSD triggers

EMDR cures underlying triggers of PTSD EMDR cures is a strong phrase – for a strong effective method of addressing the root causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. When the flight/fight body chemicals are constantly triggered, the body undergoes physical changes and our physical health begins to deteriorate also. More and more, conditions … Read more

Relaxation is Essential – learn how now

Relaxation is Essential for creating stability in your life Relaxation is Essential for so many aspects of personal and family life. Good health produces inner happiness which radiates to the rest of the family, friends and colleagues Peaceful times allow more intimate conversations Quiet spaces help you all hear each other properly – tone, emotion and … Read more

Retreat feedback for Boutique Retreat

Retreat feedback Retreat feedback for the #Boutique #Retreat program was posted as soon as they got home after the June 2017 Retreat – see below. Next Destress Retreat Is the third weekend in August and you can BOOK by emailing me using the contact page CLICK here –   We offer a fee range … Read more

De-stress Retreat – COME & TRY IT

De-stress Retreat De-stress Retreat invitation for you to share with your contacts on your Social Media pages – and consider coming along 🙂 Please have a look at my Facebook page 10am 17-18 June 4pm  2017 Please register on Do you know somebody who needs a Break with TLC?  You? COME & TRY De-stress Retreat … Read more

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Happy Successful International Women’s Day 🙂 Share your achievements and your dreams on Facebook, Blogs – don’t hide your light under a rock. The top of the world is a long way to. Those who have been to the very top often come back and achieve greater things for the community good. … Read more