PUMP TEST for rainwater supply

PUMP TEST  detailed steps Pump tests First require Really important checks to test the Electrical cord function. For the backyard pump: – the high power switch is on the house’s north wall behind big tropical Monsteria bush! Then go to the pump on right of INTAKE tank. It’s black cord takes you to the cord … Read more

Letter written in 1962 provides Evidence

Letter Reveals Evidence of Opa’s Character Letter sure shows Opa’s probable treatment of Alida, Sophie mused as she tidied up after lunch, while Bea had a little afternoon nap. She remembered how Bea had said many times over the years that Alida had said she needed to work cleaning the shops below the family apartment … Read more

Children’s Anxiety & Climate Change is real

Children’s Anxiety & Climate Change needs careful management Children’s Anxiety & Climate issues are a high priority for the whole community to respond to. The following is a helpful extract from APS PDF which includes this piece for adults interacting with kids:- Your children might feel worried or sad or helpless or even angry about … Read more

Marriage counselling growth starts now

Marriage counselling growth gardening Marriage counselling growth sprouts from conflict. Growth needs fertilizer and in Imago Relationship therapy we refer to the rupture and repair cycle. Autumn is time to spread the compost, plant vegetable seedlings and let nature nurture each plant’s growth into luscious bunches of healthy salads. Marriage and all relationships need the … Read more

New Year’s Goals give you hope

New Year’s Goals give us direction New Year’s Goals set us up in a positive attitude, generate feelings of hope for a brighter future. In doing so, we actually look back on the past year and examine what we’d like improved. It is my heartfelt wish that couples and parents include the quality of their … Read more

Autumn Destress Retreat will revitalise you

 Autumn Destress Retreat to learn to relax   Immerse yourself with relaxation techniques which keep your body and mind well-tuned for the demands of your life. The aim is that you will then take something into your regular timetable to Learn to pace yourself. One third of the year has flown by. Time to destress … Read more

Inter-generational Trauma – start healing today

Inter-generational Trauma – Learning to stop cycles Inter-generational Trauma can get more complicated or We can take steps to heal it so that we don’t pass it on to our children, and grand-children. The first step is becoming aware of what is healthy functioning, because whatever we grow up with is ‘normal’ to us and … Read more

Glamping is luxury camping

Glamping has captured Imaginations Glamping is glamorous camping – luxury possibilities are endless. Imagine having more windows to connect with birds and plant-life than a tent… Plus your own kitchen, ensuite and a dining room…. It’s warmer too – even without the a/c All for a similar price at caravan park to park your caravan … Read more

EMDR is Trauma Healing using a Natural method – try it

EMDR is the Most Effective way to Heal from Trama EMDR is a Natural method which doesn’t require much talking about the trauma 🙂  This can be the hardest part for people to do because we don’t always have words for such an overwhelming experience. How does EMDR work? EMDR seems to activate your coping … Read more

Retreat to Relax invites you to Register by 9 August, 2017

Retreat to Relax & Learn DEstress Activities Retreat to Relax has ONLY 9 days till Registration deadline – so REGISTER QUICKLY on https://broadening-horizons.com.au/contact/ to be included on 19-20 August 10am Sat – 4pm Sun 🙂 ACTIVITIES INCLUDE Meditation, Sharing APPs with meditation and other selfcare tools Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to … Read more