New Year’s Goals give you hope

New Year’s Goals give us direction

New Year’s Goals set us up in a positive attitude, generate feelings of hope for a brighter future. In doing so, we actually look back on the past year and examine what we’d like improved.

It is my heartfelt wish that couples and parents include the quality of their relationships to this style of review too, instead of only phoning for marriage counselling when the relationship is on the rocks. By then at least one person isn’t willing to work through what turn outs out to be easily solved issues.

Take Proactive Action

New Year’s Goals focus on our dreams and wishes, rather than on the problems [although these can be the source of inspiration]. At Christmas, we ‘wish’ and during the break we turn some of those wishes into goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, realistic and have a time frame [SMART principle].

New Year’s Goals in Newletter Highlights

New Year’s Goals
New Year’s Goals give you hope

My 2019 goals are:-

A. To inspire more couples to attend marriage counselling before:-

  1. They start wedding plans, buy a house or any other major investment together;
  2. problems create communication blocks or breakdown
  3. one starts to pay too much attention to other potential partners, or work, sport, anything else – to distract themselves from discontent within their own relationship
  4. bad habits develop.


B. Find people who want to hire-purchase their way into a sustainable community-living style of home in the hills.


New Year’s Goals
Community Living & Healing Retreat

This is an opportunity for a young family who want their children to grow up running around a large block. Located in a safe, peaceful and friendly neighbourhood with fruit and vegetables growing, supported by a couple of older people where the land and it’s upkeep is all shared. Only 6 km from Midland train and bus station within an extensive business district precinct surrounded by an Osborne Park-style industrial area.


C. Host more of your Boutique Retreats at Healing Retreat

This venue adjoins Greenmount National Park and is only 30km from Perth CBD. The facebook photos and videos will make your mouth water.

We will host a Destress Relaxation Activities weekend Retreat in late Autumn for 6-7 lucky participants. Register your interest in this now 😊

Looking forward to helping you make 2019 a great year for you 😊 Ph 0417 997 016 or email

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