Building your own home strengthens relationships

Building your own home requires Advanced Communication Skills

Building your own home is a most satisfying challenge. Knowing the concepts is one thing, however applying them practically takes courage, a stretch of talent or skill, patience, endurance, some fitness and commitment. It can make or break relationships.

Building your own home from straw is a real adventure due to most tradies not having any experience. The strawbale is 450mm wide and here we are rendering the top of the wall to seal it from vermin and weather.

Building your own home
Rendering top of bales

Only one of a couple can be registered as the owner-builder, so this is the first discussion of many difficult decisions. Imago Advanced Communication Skills can make the whole decision-making process so much easier and build a stronger resilient marriage.

Removing dark awnings & propping the bargeboard
Removing dark awnings & propping the bargeboard

To protect the strawbales from the rain while waiting for good weather to render, the dark awnings were installed. The challenge of removing them to render the straw underneath requires a lot of patience, care and innovation to keep the new roof out of the way. Good communication makes the process a pleasant and successful exploration to achieve the desired outcome 🙂


Following your nose reveals how much render can be squeezed between rafter and straw wall.

Building your own home
Rendering under awning

Uncertainty can be a challenge for individuals and couples, so having Advanced Communications Skills will make it an exciting experience that can become a positive memory 🙂

Building your own home
Rounded, covered straw wall tops


A great outcome with smooth render that covers all the straw is best achieved by hand rather than a pump – which is also terribly messy. The latter just adds stress to the relationship because you get covered in lime dust whenever you move on the site – until it’s all done and cleaned up… and lets face it, who likes cleaning?

The old adage of tortoise beats the hare in a race definitely applies. Below the struts, we’ve had to patch up holes so that the second coat red mesh is fairly straight.

The pride of a finished smooth second coat with scratching to help final coat render hang on is what makes building your own home a most satisfying challenge 😊

Building your own home
Discovered the way to scratch but keep render on 🙂

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