Whistleblower protection takes a step forward

Whistleblower protection legal assistance / advice

Whistleblower protection update to give us some hope. A good news story regarding a horrifying situation. Australia famous for all the wrong reasons with regard to UN access, and Human Rights generally. I just want you to know about this to share with others who may need it.

If you’re in a difficult situation, too traumatised to think straight – please contact me for some counselling. I have lots of relevant experience to help you with, and I’m a trauma healing expert – with lived experience – too many but I turn them all into the ‘school of life – stuff they don’t teach you at Uni.’ 🙂

Don’t start without advice is my strong Professional Advice – listen to this Podcast first 🙂

Here’s RN’s summary with links:-

If you knew that something illegal, dangerous, negligent or corrupt was happening in your workplace – what would you do? Who would you turn to for advice?

new report from the Human Rights Law Centre has found that there has not been a successful case brought by a whistleblower under the federal laws designed to protect employees speaking out about wrongdoing. They’ve now launched a new legal service to give  whistleblowers the support they need to navigate these laws.

Whistleblower Protection
Whistleblower Protection from inappropriate detention


  • Kieran Pender, senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre
  • Alysha, a whistleblower in the case of abuse at the Ashley youth detention centre in Tasmania
  • Peter O’Brien, principal lawyer and founder of O’Brien Criminal and Civil Solicitors

Whistleblower protection is only just beginning

But it doesn’t stop people seeking help and in so doing, we can help provide evidence of the need for urgent expansion of services. I call this constructive activism – not complaining. Just getting on with actions that activate processes that are already in place. We want them to stay in place and grow! In other words, feeding government decision-makers with what they want/need to respond appropriately.


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