Trauma Recovery Writing Group

Trauma Recovery Writing Group

Celebrate your trauma recovery and survival!

The writing process helps us to process what has happened and might still be happening.

Would you like to take Charge of your Trauma Recovery?

You as the writer get to decide what goes in, how you want it to happen and most definitely the ending. This is an empowering experience which is so opposite to the helplessness of trauma.

The group’s purpose is to provide support for you with emotions that may be bothering you still, or emerge during the process.

Sometimes, it takes a while to find the style that suits yourself so that your writing flows.

You may choose to read some of your work, or just talk about the challenges and achievements you have in the process of writing.

Would you like to improve your writing?

Here is a little prompt to consider how you might approach the construction of your story.

Whose trauma recovery?
Whose perspective to write from?

The group leader has published 2 books previously, but in 2016 has been learning from a variety of writing mentors about “how to write”.

What seemed the right way to express one’s story needed adjusting…. and then it just flowed.

Writing became a joy, pleasure, escape to indulge in rather than a chore.

We can put you in touch with other groups to learn different things as you build your confidence.

Trauma recovery stories inspire the writer, the listeners and if you go ahead and publish will help many other readers.

It’s worth a try

Email Francess through the contact page to indicate your interest.

We will arrange a time and day that hopefully suits all interested people. The group will meet at 493 Charles St North Perth.


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