Adapt is our lesson from Covid

Adapt old stock to create new homes Adapt or poverty will take over in our challenging times. Families, couples and individuals need to look at different housing  alternatives to the conventional large house and mortgage. Adaptive reuse involves the conversion of new spaces within old ones. An existing building is recycled by integrating a new … Read more

Recycled materials save money & environment

Recycled Timber and Roof Sheeting build a  Verandah Recycled roof sheeting came from the old roof, removed from existing flat has a shiny, clean underside which is the side most visible in this situation. The idea to create a wood channel to slide the recycled roof sheets into, drew warnings from some professionals:- “Secure the … Read more

Loneliness solutions to explore

Loneliness plague in our society Loneliness is a major contributor to ill-health both physical and mental. Counselling can assist you to explore options to reduce the effects of loneliness. How about we address the cause? Loneliness solutions Community-living options allow you the amount of common-space, shared activities and distance that you need. How about you … Read more

Granny flat accommodation

Women’s Accommodation Network Are you looking for somewhere to live for a short, medium or unknown amount of time? Accommodation Opportunities Blog Women’s Accommodation Network opens the window to some options for you. In the last 3 years, I’ve housed 24 women for long or short amounts of time. There are a few more women … Read more