Share your wish with loved ones

Share your wish well before Christmas

Share your wish about how you’d like to spend the festive days in enough time for others to respond to your needs.

Share your wish
Share your wishes before Christmas

“I just want everybody to be happy”  How often do you hear people wish this for Christmas?  Do you or they ever ask their loved ones what they actually want?  Just heard on radio about a lovely game to play with people close to you… write your wish list to Santa now and share it with each other!

“I  wish you’d just sit down with me and ask me how I am, how my year, last few months or weeks have been”  How often do you hear that – except somebody is confiding in you about somebody else.

You’d be surprised how many of your loved ones really want that at Christmas time.


Share your wish to improve our kids future world

Many young people want to boycott Christmas – mainly the consumerism and relationship stress. But nobody is listening. How about sharing some of these posts with your kids to suggest ways to do things differently.  Of course, there are benefits to you as a parent too because it can lead on to making New Year resolutions to manage the family rubbish disposal, developing good habits which include less take-away food purchases or learning to cook healthy together… or even grow some vegetables!

Share your wish
Healthy Food growing for you

The Ultimate More Sustainable and Ethical Christmas Guide: More Than 50 Tips to Make the Holidays Matter

Family Therapy starts at home

But if they won’t listen to you, then you could add a counselling session to your wishlist and share your wish. Contact me to discuss strategies and available times.

Here’s a few ideas to chat about with your family so as to give gifts that totally suit the needs and values of the person you are giving to, rather than what you think they should have, or what turns you on.

Share your wish
Family Time [Johanna Dahlberg on Unsplash]


Treat your Marriage to a few sessions of Advanced Communication Skills

Share your wish to be heard better or taken more seriously and put a few sessions of marriage counselling on your wishlist:- option 1,2 and 3.

This means not putting anything else on your list. Quietly asserting your needs and wishes with a smile, kiss and hug 🙂

Learn more about Advanced Communication Skills Coaching.

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