PTSD Recovery Methods Q&A Session

PTSD Recovery from those who have done itstress M cloud

It’s Mental Health week in Perth from 6 October, so thanks to members of the trauma support group, we have collated some really helpful resources to help your PTSD REcovery.

When you attend the workshop you will hear from at least 3 speakers with their pearls of success.

Plan to attend on 15 October for a 2 hour workshop after lunch.

We welcome the public, especially you – to come and receive information and ask questions.

Do you focus on only one or a couple of aspects of self-care?

Check out the Stress chart here to assess what needs a tune up and ask us specific questions that relate to you personally.stress quads

Trauma Recovery Support Network

We started assisting individuals, families and groups in the mid 90’s, and is an informal group of people volunteering their time to share their knowledge and wisdom to help you

and your loved ones have

a healthy recovery from trauma or PTSD.
Let us know if you are interested 🙂

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