PTSD Client Workbook Training

PTSD Client Workbook Training to facilitate trauma recovery in the format of 1-2 day workshops have been developed with Social Workers.  It is  a rare opportunity as observed in  this research.  This workbook is very much designed as an introduction and an ongoing aid for particularly remote or rural clients. People with limited income benefit from being able to work through the material so that the appointments with the counsellor can focus on specific difficulties which the client is empowered to identify more clearly with the help of the workbook.  Less appointments are needed, so less money needs to be found by clients with limited income, but just as much therapy can be achieved because the client gains the information with the workbook.

PTSD Client Workbook Training WORKSHOP

Entitled  “Using a Trauma Recovery Framework and a directive Client Workbook together with counselling ” the workshop will provide General Support Workers and Counsellors with:

  • A clear description of the building blocks for trauma recovery
  • Insight into the variety of stress responses & an overview of Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms.
  • An outline of structured approaches proven to facilitate trauma symptom management and recovery.
  • The focus of this PTSD Training to use Client Workbook is to empower the clients with knowledge and a structure to gradually rebuild, and work toward full recovery. 
  • Through case scenarios & doing some activities, you will understand how to use the workbook to assist your work with clients’ recovery from trauma – especially in circumstances where limited client contacts are generally the only service offered.

This PTSD Client Workbook Training can be used by any worker involved in the management of a client’s recovery.   You don’t need to be a fully qualified therapist to use this approach to guide clients, especially as you can hand them a workbook where they can read, understand and follow the concepts and activities themselves. 

About the Presenter: Francess Day (Trainer, Author & Counsellor)

Francess Day is the Author of the successful book, ‘Putting together the pieces’ and is an established counsellor with over 25 years PTSD Client Workbook Trainingpractical experience.  She holds BA in Psychology (1st Class Honours) Behavioural Studies, Health Education (Addiction Studies), and is Secretary for the Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies WA Chapter Committee. She is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and registered as a fully qualified Imago Therapist.  Francess had also counselled people with traumatic stress resulting from a wide range of incidents and learning for these experiences has trained community workers engaged in ‘helping professionals’ since 1996.  Francess facilitates support groups for people recovering from trauma, and provides critical incident debriefings and training for all organisational levels.
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Price includes Workbook:- “Put together your own life”  valued @ $50


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