Pre-marital Coaching will build a firm foundation for your relationship

Pre-marital Coaching is your best insurance 🙂

Pre-marital Coaching will build a firm foundation for your relationship and save a lot of heartache. Most of us don’t begin a university course, a job or buy an expensive home without doing some research and in-depth exploration. Why not do the same homework with our partner?

Imago pre-marital coaching is a gentle discovery where we learn how to care for our partner in the way that s/he needs 😊


Have You Chosen the Right Partner?

Many say this the day before the wedding, but seriously did you even know what you were looking for? Once you’ve become comfortable with each other, and some of the excitement has died down would be the ideal time to start doing some reputable questionnaires.

It’s important to do this instead of adding in excitement by planning the wedding, next holiday together or a party or

Pause before Marriage
Pause before Marriage

simply getting busy.

Yes, I’ve heard people describe doing all these things when they finally come to counselling because they have not been able to resolve issues.


How to Evaluate whether your partner is the Right One for you?

Who does she or he remind you of?

What is so familiar about him or her?

What is the quality of your relationship with the care-giver who your partner reminds of.

How confident are you in expressing your needs, opinions and emotions?

Does your partner respond in a way which encourages you or frustrates you?

There are a lot more questions to answer too.  How have you gone so far?

Are you having trouble answering the questions?


There is a MUCH EASIER WAY to do this….

Phone  0417 997 016 for an appointment where you will be taken through a gentle pre-marital process of discovery which will prevent problems becoming mammoth before you seek help. If you let issues become mammoth

pre-marital coaching
pre-marital coaching

problems, the tidal wave can cause so much destruction which will take so much more effort to repair… perhaps more effort than both of you might be prepared to invest.  What a pity to let a mouse become a mammoth, due to lack of preparation, research and exploration of how best to care for each other.


Discuss these Questions with your closest friends and family

Do you agree with their answers?

Are you finding yourself defending your partner = your choice?

Pre-marital coaching creates a safe space for you both to explore weaknesses and strengths whilst learning how to develop weaknesses into helpful opportunities to be important to our partner😊  Ph 0417 997 016 today for your session 🙂

Join us this Wednesday 31 Jan for a movie showing what could happen without Pre-marital coaching

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