Phone Counselling Australia for Rural Remote People

Phone Counselling Australia

This Phone Counselling Australia Service is based on the same expertise as described on other pages in this website. Please have a browse around and send an email with your particular situation and other questions.

You could also email to arrange a time to phone with a phonecard to discuss further how I can support you despite the distance you are.

When there are sufficient numbers, I would be happy to provide some sessions in a country town on an occasional basis. This would be particularly helpful for Married or Defacto Couples or Parent-Child Relationships.

This page is still being developed, and will be determined by the feedback that I get from you, the people in remote or rural areas who would welcome Phone Counselling Australia for Rural Remote People.

Disaster  and Trauma Support

Phone Counselling Australia can offer you and your natural support people one or both self-help books.

Francess Day wrote these books to empower people to heal themselves through understanding more about Traumatic Stress, and learning what needs to be Rebuilt.  Some of what is needed is not always the automatic reaction that a person or their support network might fall back on. These books and some supportive counselling can help tweak or create new support processes. 

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