Mental Health Week Group Therapy

Mental Health Week launch of Trauma Healing Support Group

Mental Health Week raises our awareness and helps you find out about resources to help you 🙂
It’s also a time when people explore what’s available to assist – because there’s more in the media with lots of encouragement to you to have a look at what’s on offer…

Here’s what we’ll recommence for Mental Health Week
– in addition to individual counselling, EMDR trauma healing or couple/family Imago therapy :-

The support groups started in Mental Health Week 1995, generally have 5-8 people and meet weekly for 2 hour sessions. Generally, no new people join after the first session, until the 8 weeks are completed. You decide if you want to do another group.

Steps to join us this Mental Health Week 🙂

Read the ‘paper’ mentioned in the next paragraph & Email Francess to arrange an individual appointment via the contact tab on the website that the link on the following page takes you to.

The information about the Support Groups Feedback comes from a Published paper

Describe what you have gained from the Trauma Support Groups?

• Greater awareness of patterns/responses that impacted negatively on myself.
• Skills to deal with symptoms. Recognise when not breathing.
• Professional help, empathy, trust, understanding and feedback.
• Safer to share with group than therapists.
• Validation, normalising and talking out so that it doesn’t leak out in social situations.
• Most valuable was to feel safe to have self defenses and ‘warts’ exposed.
• Self expression. Built confidence with people.
• Help, reassured knowing others with similar difficulties.
• Acceptance, the will to go back into life, and friendship.
• Meaningfulness and came to terms with reality of what happened.
• Insight; PTS, effect on own life and others perception of self.
• “Confidence and realisations of what I have overcome alone”.

Group Facilitator

Francess Day pioneered the community-based Trauma Healing and Support Groups in 1995. To our knowledge and google seachers – these are still the only groups available. It’s difficult to reach people these days, despite the info overload of social media – which is the actual reason it’s so difficult… so please spread the word  🙂
Read more about Francess here

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