Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week Trauma Recovery Support Groups Re-Launch Oct 6, 2014

Mental Health week saw the RE-launch of the trauma support group again, after 10 years of not finding enough people ready to meet at the same time, day and stage of healing from traumatic experiences. What a wonderful group enjoyed the support from each other and the therapist.

We had5 women in this first group.  Others had between 4 and 7 people.  The groups have continued ever since.

The day & time for the next group commencing when we have enough participants will be negotiated to suit all concerned  but will otherwise follow the same process as the current group as follows:

Venue, Cost, and Time Committment

493 Charles St. NORTH PERTH 6006
Fee range according to Income:-  $20 – $70 per week

2 hours per week for an 8 week block.  stress M cloud

After 8 sessions, the group will conclude – with an option to continue in another block of 8 sessions.  A key component of mental health and trauma recovery is empowerment; therefore we aim to put you in charge of your recovery and the decision to do another 8 week block will be entirely yours.

New participants will be able to commence in the following block, but each block is closed once the first session has commenced.

New Trauma Support Group to commence early 2016

For more information about the Groups and view Research Paper co-authored by Dr Rowan Davidson & presented at the ESTSS in 1997  – Please view the webpage :-

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What else happened in Mental Health Week?

Have a look at the calendar published by the Mental Health Commission for a variety of events including a fun Comedy concert as His Majesty’s theatre!

The WA Association for Mental Health also has a calendar of events AND IN MARCH 2016, are running a Mental Health Conference which is not just listening to professionals…. its listening to and including people who have the real life experience 🙂 Registrations available at

Act Belong Commit  also ran some information and training workshops

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