Mental Health check-in time is now; learn how

Mental Health check-in needs to be regular

Mental Health check-in is an important aim of Mental Health Week. Hopefully it’s helped you and your loved ones discuss how each are coping with life generally, and particularly emotional and psychological challenges. This year has of course delivered some serious stressors for individuals, couples, families and the wider community, therefore Mental Health Week has become so much more relevant to everybody.


 Mental Health check-in involves a lot more than saying R U OK

Do you know how to make a safe space for your loved ones to communicate their difficulties to you? Imago Relationship Therapy isn’t just for marriage couple issues – it’s advanced communication skills to relate and understand anybody’s needs. The first thing we coach you in is creating a safe space.

Mental Health check-in
Step 1 is create a safe space 🙂 Photo by Japheth Mast

The next thing that you need is great listening skills. Do you feel confident about this? Do you know how to manage your own emotional response to what your loved one might say?


Advanced Communication Skills Coaching made simple

A specialist Imago Relationship Counsellor will coach you with practical processes that make sense as you proceed. I will offer suggestions, demonstrate and answer questions as we do a Mental Health check-in together. We don’t pathologise or label – instead we do a special way of learning more about the person’s lived experience from their perspective.


Do you know how to respond during a Mental Health check-in ?

The Imago Advanced Communication Skills help us to respond to the person’s lived experience in the way that they need, rather than imposing something that causes more stress.

After only a few sessions, you’ll know what to look for and how to begin a discussion when it’s needed 🙂

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