Marriage Stressors that are most often reported

Marriage Stressors need Urgent Attention

Marriage Stressors that are the most commonly identified key factors for couples’ unhappiness were related to

  • work,
  • lack of sexual intimacy (due to tiredness or low libido), and
  • money problems.

While there are many possible causes for each of these problems, what they have in common is: They are all manageable with professional help.

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Marriage Stressors
Overcoming marriage stressors

Overcoming marriage stressors with counselling is the simplest solution. With commitment to each other and open-mindedness toward professional help, each of these stressors can be lessened in significant ways. You might even use this blog to begin a discussion with your partner about these common sources of stress. Very often, taking a step in the direction of solving a problem is itself stress-reducing, and rebuilds connection and bonding.


The survey probably told you what you already know. Psychology Today gave the above advice, and another blog sets out some rescue steps which can best be summarised  as follows.

Ignoring the problem increases the stress, bad habits and chance of marriage breakdown.

How do you normally cope with stress? Drink more alcohol, smoke or gamble more, look for comfort with others [risking an affair or your partner’s suspicion of one], keep busy, stop talking or worse still blaming each other?

Why would you risk losing everything?

When you met, decided to marry, create a home, family you found refuge in each other. Have you forgotten? become too busy? distracted?  A few relationship counselling sessions could restore the bliss you started with.

Why not try Marriage Counselling?

Three sessions only cost the same as 6 minutes of a lawyer’s time. In 6 sessions, we can make your relationship GREAT AGAIN which equals the cost of 30 minutes with a lawyer, and nothing achieved.

The longer you leave it, the greater the chance you need to do more sessions. If you contact me today, as soon as you become aware that your relationship is not as good as it used to be, it will be as easy to create harmony again 🙂

Marriage Stressors
Restore Harmony with Counselling


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