Marriage Counsellor helps Depression Wholistically

Marriage Counsellor helps Depression

Marriage Counsellor helps Depression by using a wholistic approach, which includes breaking the spiral effects of inflamatory diet, unhelpful thinking, social relationships, lifestyle & communication.

The 5 domains are: psychological, dietary/nutritional, lifestyle/environmental, biological/medical, and social/spiritual. Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition examined the relationship between the inflammatory nature of a person’s diet and his or her risk of developing depression.

Did you know foods such as vegetables, herbs and spices are ‘anti-inflammatory’?

You guessed it, so-called comfort foods high in sugar, fried and processed ingredients are ‘pro-inflammatory’. The added weight that they cause also add to negative thinking about yourself, which impacts your relationships, lifestyle and often leads to medical problems, commonly diabetes – which then restricts your diet anyway.

So why not take charge of your life now?

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Marriage Counsellor helps Depression
Take charge of your choices, your life 🙂

Research has confirmed that chronic, low-grade inflammation is associated with an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms, therefore eating a diet that induces an inflammatory response in the body is likely to increase the risk of depression.

In this longitudinal study, almost 6,500 middle-aged women were evaluated for depression using the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression-10 (CESD) scale. The researchers found that 18% of the women had scores greater than or equal to 10 on the scale, indicating some degree of depression.

After completing some statistical analyses, the researchers found that the women with the most anti-inflammatory diet had an approximately 20% lower risk of developing depression compared to the women with the most pro-inflammatory diet.

Side Benefit of Marriage Counsellor helps Depression is Great Weight Management 🙂

The best side effects that you could imagine is maintaining your ideal weight without it being a priority. Eat when you’re hungry from a wide selection of foods that will keep the doctor away, make you feel happier 🙂

As a result you’ll feel better about yourself, which will improve your relationships, social life, physical activities, motivation… pretty much all areas of your life.

The choice is yours 🙂 Why not try Marriage Counsellor helps Depression?

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