Marriage counsellor is better than a lawyer

Marriage counsellor is better than lawyers.

 Marriage counsellor is better for many reasons:-

  1. Financial upfront investment, medium and long-term savings.
  2. Possible reconciliation and healing. Restoration of the relationship which brought you together may alleviate the need to go through a lawyer at all – even if you don’t remain living together.
  3. Emotional stress and trauma are avoided. Particularly if you have children, it is important to avoid the adversarial nature of the legal process which is prolonged, arduous and always stressful.

Why a Marriage counsellor is better investment than a lawyer 

  • The counsellor understands the legal process and can outline what you’ll need to prepare to go through a legal process for 1/6 of the price of a lawyer.
  • You will be able to express concerns and alternative options with the counsellor.

    Marriage counsellor
    Marriage counsellor will facilitate amicable negotiation
  • You can explore the possibility of remaining amicable at the very least, or whether the relationship is able to be rebuilt.
  • If you’re lucky you get to spend an hour each appointment with a lawyer. You have to spend many hours sorting out what they need. The hourly rate is rarely less than $600/hour.
  • The first session with a counsellor can be the full 90 minutes which we allocate to couples sessions at $170/ 90 minutes. This ensures that each person has enough time to voice their needs.
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A Marriage counsellor can provide an Expert opinion about Viability of your relationship if you’re unsure

  1. When you feel hurt, it can seem like you could never heal.
  2. The worst thing you can do is threaten or just go to a lawyer to decide whether to stay or go. The adversarial nature of the legal process prevents any chance of reconciliation or growing through the bad event/period.
  3. When your partner finds out that you’ve gone to a lawyer, not a counsellor; it destroys their motivation to be sorry and try to heal your hurt.
  4. If you tell them that you’ve been to a counsellor, and the professional advice was to make a joint appointment – your partner feels important to you and is much more likely to consider that process.
  5. Only if your partner then refuses to join you in an appointment with a marriage counsellor, you could give an ultimatum that you would have no option but to leave the relationship, because the issue cannot be swept under the carpet.
  6. Note:- if there has been domestic violence, do NOT give the above ultimatum. Attend counselling on your own and follow the marriage counsellor’s recommendations.

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