Marriage counselling for trauma healing is powerful

Marriage counselling for trauma healing

 Marriage counselling for trauma healing resulted from trying Imago Relationship Therapy on volunteers from the trauma healing support groups. Coaching both persons in advanced communication skills allows each to be heard and understood at the level needed for healing changes to occur.

Why Marriage counselling for trauma healing is so important

If you’re lucky you get to spend an hour each week with a counsellor, but you live with your loved one for the best

Marriage counselling for trauma healing
Deep tender connection

part of 7 days each week. Wouldn’t it be great to be understood by your loved one as well as the counsellor understands?

Traumatised people’s family have needs too

When somebody in the family is traumatised, other family members suffer in different ways too. The status quo of the home is often affected in various ways. It might be a small upheaval or huge where the bread-winner ends up unable to work, maybe even in hospital or rehabilitation for a long time.

All changes need careful adjustments to avoid the trauma effects rippling further than has already occurred.

Marriage counselling for trauma healing facilitates smoother adjustment

During the Imago Relationship Therapy session, we help you find solutions to the new problems and disruptions in your family life. As part of the process, deep levels of insight and empathy are gained while the ‘hot potatoes’ are dealt with.

After a few sessions of fine-tuning the necessary changes and your communication skills, you will be able to continue the processes which you have learned and practised to negotiate future issues which may arise.

Sessions may taper off gradually, and then occur on an ‘as-need-basis’ when issues arise which need the extra support and expertise of a counsellor who is a specialist in PTSD healing as well as relationship therapy.

Do you still have individual trauma therapy?

Trauma healing can take quite some time if there is longer-term PTSD or childhood trauma, so sometimes the traumatised person may continue their own personal therapy.

Marriage counselling for trauma healing
Self-soothing & family encouragement

Occasionally more joint Marriage counselling for trauma healing sessions may be needed because the counsellor’s expertise may be required to facilitate understanding of PTSD impacts or needs. There may also be occasions when a need is too powerful for the person to be able to go home and express it, and the counsellor will enable communication and understanding to occur in a healing way for both.

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