Marriage counselling communication skills

Marriage counselling communication skills is a key

Marriage counselling communication effectiveness is the foundation to a lasting relationship with all family members. How well do you listen to your children and your partner? Do you anticipate what they might say or only hear what you want to hear?


Selective Listening

How often have you heard that phrase either as a joke, or a serious accusation during an argument followed by a door slamming behind them?

Imago Relationship Therapy coaches you in marriage counselling communication skills so that others feel really listened to by you. After only a few practice sessions with me, you will be able to deal with any issue.

Marriage counselling communication
Marriage counselling communication gets to the heart

During the counselling sessions, we identify and provide solutions to the core issues. Yes, the ‘hot potatoes’ are dealt with in this gentle healing process.


You just don’t understand

Do you feel like nobody understands you? Marriage counselling communication skills coaching also helps you to get your message across in a way that others can accept and understand. I will coach them to continue doing a process that helps clarify what you are trying to get across to them. Imago processes create deep understanding and empathy.


Nobody cares

Being able to respond to somebody’s emotions in the way that they need you to, will avoid arguments. Logical reasoning isn’t what your child, parent or partner needs when they want some understanding and empathy. Empathy isn’t sympathy, it’s putting ourself in their shoes for a little while and letting them know that their feelings make sense in the situation.

Marriage counselling communication
Marriage counselling communication creates lasting relationships

We need to do the marriage counselling communication process to get to this point. Why not invest in your future with your loved ones?

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