Perth Counselling , WA and Hills: Marriage,Family Imago Therapy, Trauma Recovery, Perth Western Australia

 Perth Counselling , WA has a Hills location, to provide Marriage Couples Counselling & Family Therapy; Imago Relationship Coaching for Marriage Preparation and to Repair all relationships; EMDR for  Trauma or PTSD & Other problems. 

Trauma Self-help books for survivors and family can be purchased directly using the Order form or simply email or phone 0417 997 016.  Main address:

493 Charles St NORTH PERTH 6006

Trauma Support/therapy Group 

TRAUMA SUPPORT & THERAPY GROUPS run 530-730pm in NORTH PERTH.  Our community has a need, but this type of Support relies on you to share the information. Please contact me on 0417 997 016 for an individual session for you to decide if the group is right for you. Next group starts in April 2018, however there are limited places available.
Please let as many people you know see / hear about this. You never know how many people are suffering in silence.
– please register  now for a one to one appointment prior.  

Turn Posttraumatic Stress into Post traumatic Growth!

Read more about the link between PTSD and Chronic Pain

Make 2018 the beginning of a better future

How many couples do you know who spoil and celebrate each other?

Are you disappointed by your own or your partner’s attempts to surprise or demonstrate your love for each other?

Hopefully, you try more often than once a year!
 Do you know what will delight your partner most?

   Imago Therapy focusses on improving the quality of relationships,

Rekindle the Romance which brought you together as well as learning great Communication and Empathy skills.

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Offering you a personalised, friendly, safe space for you to heal and make sense of trauma and relationship stress with practical services tailored to your individual needs.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:   “120612 – Success is getting up more often than you fall”

Please phone 0417 997 016 and email ( Visit our Contact Page ) to discuss an appointment time for Counselling in Perth and Hills, WA.  Please phone for urgent appointments. Payment negotiation and further questions are welcome also.  Please just leave a message with your phone number and I will phone you back within 24 hrs, if I miss your phonecall. Please try again if technology fails to deliver your message.

Looking for an Experienced Trauma or Relationship Therapy Specialist?

Feel reassured that your Perth Counselling , WA  counsellor has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you improve the problem that you seek help for. Francess Day is a fully qualified Imago Relationship Therapist, which uses an Emotion Focussed Therapy [EFT]. With degrees in Psychology [1st class Honours], Behavioural Studies, Health, Education and Addiction Studies along with extensive work experience, I can assure you that you will be understood from a professional and personal experience perspective.

I can teach you self-care like Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT];  and give you EMDR to reduce the pain and stress of trauma, anxiety and panic. Childhood trauma can be assisted greatly with Schema Therapy which I’m also qualified to help you with 🙂

If you are having trouble making the changes that you want to do,  Motivational Interviewing can help.

You may find Voice Dialogue  work to be a useful way to understand and take control of opposing internal conflicting self-talk.

Join FACEBOOK Closed Group “TRAUMA RECOVERY SUPPORT NETWORK“. FREE info updates about resources across Australia.

How can EMDR help YOU?

EMDR is a powerful technique that is an alternative to medication, but has more of a physiological effect than traditional counselling techniques.Interview with Charles Hoge Stress Points.

Once we commence the process, the results happen very quickly. Here is some research information which I suggest you read:- InterviewWithShapiro-2009.

 Rebuild your FIFO family relationship skills  & resources

Are you wondering if your family is going to survive the FIFO situation?

My experiences working with couples in many situations, has helped many couples trying to manage the FIFO isolation. With Imago Therapy, you can feel secure and deepen your relationship despite those long periods of being separated. FIFO families have unique challenges which the counselling profession is only starting to collate research on. SUPPORT GROUPS   are a wonderful addition to your coping resources. More information is available on industry websites  and online services  but Imago coaching gives you IMMEDIATE SKILLS to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, and respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

Perth Counselling , WA offers you specialised skills to overcome the difficulties. You never fail until

 Special Family Counselling about End of Life Issues

Is your family having conflict about how to manage the needs of an ageing parent? Has somebody made choices about their terminal illness which has caused upset in some family members? Imago therapy provides a safe, supportive environment and a process which facilitates understanding, respect and resolution of these and related problems, with therapist experienced in these matters.

Perth Counselling , WA and Mundaring Hills location -FAQs

Frequent Questions” also gives you  the range of fees which you will be asked to consider. All fees are Negotiable, and are based on amounts that you would have to pay above the Health Insurance or Medicare rebates. Counselling for Couples & Family in Perth & Hills, WA is not eligible for Medicare rebates. Medicare Funds are only available with a Mental Illness Diagnosis from a GP. Francess has also trained other professionals statewide in trauma support courses as listed in “About Us” which contains Francess’ CV: listing diverse experience and training.

Need a Trauma therapist who really understands what you are experiencing?

Since writing my first self-help book “Putting together the pieces”(2002) in the mid-90’s, I set-up the first community-based support group for people recovering from traumatic stress. Read more about how PERSONAL SUPPORT GROUPS CAN HELP YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE. To learn more about what to expect in SPECIALIST TRAUMA THERAPY, please read Francess’ Psychology Honours Research Thesis In 2004, Francess Day published the “self-help workbook“: ‘Put together your own life’. For over 25yrs, Francess has provided Counselling for Couples & Family in Perth & Hills, WA and specialist trauma therapy for individuals, groups and family. Counsellors and psychologists need to undergo supervision and ongoing training. Since 2006, Francess updated her Psychology qualifications and commenced her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Using the updated knowledge and skills from these studies and various other trainings detailed in “About Us”, Francess can help you with the many difficulties listed on this page. Francess is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society & a Full Member of the International Relationships Institute. UA-55363678-1

Healing DEstress Retreats Autumn & Spring


Yoga, Meditation
Yoga, Meditation


  • Meditation
  • Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
  • DAILY Yoga, Please let me know if you can Bring a Mat 🙂

A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share  

Come Try Retreat

Come Try Retreat

  • See how easy it is to grow your own veges
  • Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking]

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    My 18yr marriage is in dire need of help. We have just separated due to something that happened 13yrs ago which he resents me for and cannot forgive me for. He has been hurting me emotionally for the last 13yrs to deal with it and has now decided he needs a break. Im wondering if this would be something you could help us with please and what your prices are/do u have private health or medicare?


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