Free Session of Marriage Counselling in raffle

Free Session is a Popular Prize

Free Session of Marriage Counselling is a popular prize at a Connect Breakfast on 28 October, 2018. The autumn winners were so appreciative to have the opportunity to take the first step to improve their communication. Even though their love and commitment to each other was obvious, life’s challenges required some advanced skills to manage the issues which got in the way of finding solutions for particular challenges.

The aim of the event is to connect people who discover various ways that they can help and support each other.  So you might be in your own business or just looking to meet providers of various services to build your confidence in taking the step to attend a session that might improve your life. 🙂

Fund-raising events are the only time I offer a Free Session

The advanced communication coaching sessions are so effective, you don’t need very many sessions to learn the skills. While you’re learning the skills, the hot potatoes

Free Session to make hot potato sweet
Make Hot potato Sweet

are dealt with in the supportive safe situation with a very experienced Imago Relationship Therapy counsellor.


If you can’t wait for a Free Session

Just pick up the phone and give me a call on 0417 997 016 to arrange a time and location convenient to you or send me an email 🙂  Available in Subiaco, North Perth or Greenmount.

Time and Money Problems

The Imago Relationship Therapy processes open up new ways of looking at all kinds of problems, facilitate creative problem-solving skills and solutions. It’s worth a try. We tune up our cars, bikes and houses, but our relationship seems to miss out on time and money.

You are worth it

If that statement brings tears to your eyes, then it’s a sure sign that some of your needs are not being met. Your relationship is the foundation to your life – good career and health…. oh, and the elusive happiness.


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