Family Counselling Perth

Family Counselling Perth assists parents and children with communication problems or other external problems. Imago Therapy assists married, defacto, homosexual couples, and people preparing for marriage.

If marriage breakdown looms due to affairs or other pressures, Imago theapy heals the hurt and promotes growth and learning. Your relationship can often be deepened after working through such a crisis.

Family Counselling Perth Prevents:

  1. Marriage and/or family breakdown
  2. Children’s disabilities e.g., ADHD, behaviour Problems creating lifelong problems, when with the right assistance – your child’s potential can reach its maximum within a healthy, happy relationship.
  3. Legal costs associated with separation
  4. Emotional costs on children associated with separation
  5. Poverty or homelessness when separation halves the capital with which each party can buy a home.
  6. Mental illness such as depression, anxiety or worse .

Family Counselling Perth is the best Investment you can make.

It is worth investing in your family relationships’ quality. Most mental and psychological problems could be lessened if Parents connection affects kidsmore money was spent on counselling.  Your relationships with your partner and children will be happy, supportive refuges from the challenges that life presents.

The communication skills that you learn certainly match any other professional coaching and as such, can be claimed on your tax deductions  as professional development – because you will find yourself using these skills with clients and work colleagues.

Unfortunately, Medicare and other health funds don’t fund relationships counselling no matter what professional you use. Medicare rebates are only eligible when somebody is diagnosed with a mental illness and then this funding becomes available for individual psychotherapy.

Francess has  over 25 years experience of working with children, and residential youthwork, single mums, families and since 2005, as an Imago Therapist with married, defacto, homosexual and couples preparing for marriage.  We can assist with most family relationship difficulties.

Parent-child dialogues between 82 and 63 year old mother and child have shown the power of these processes to build stronger more loving relationships.                     Photo by

FIFO family counselling improves skills  & resources

FIFO families have unique challenges which  family counselling can assist with.

SUPPORT GROUPS   are a wonderful addition to your coping resources. More information is available on industry websites  and online services  but Imago coaching gives you the skills to communicate your feelings and opinions and needs in a way that can be heard, understood, respected in a way that is more likely to be  responded to by other family members.

End of Life Issues

Imago Therapy facilitates dialogue between family members about difficult to discuss issues such as your Living Will, management of terminal illness and the needs of ageing parents. Having experience with these dilemmas from various perspectives, I am well-equipped to facilitate your discussions sensitively as well as skilfully.

There are resources available but we help with the actual discussion with family members where feelings are respected and consensus decisions reached.



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