EMDR cures the underlying PTSD triggers

EMDR cures underlying triggers of PTSD

EMDR cures is a strong phrase – for a strong effective method of addressing the root causes of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

When the flight/fight body chemicals are constantly triggered, the body undergoes physical changes and our physical health begins to deteriorate also. More and more, conditions such as Chronic Fatigue (CFS) and Fibromyalgia seem to be resulting from prolonged PTSD conditions.

Do you really need to wait till it gets that bad?

Its a good idea not to delay treatment after trauma as it just becomes more complicated and harder to treat regardless of the method used.

EMDR cures simple PTSD resulting from a single incident which is not prolonged really easily.  Why would you wait until your employment becomes affected, or worse your relationships?

If you have sleep difficulties, nightmares, ongoing thoughts about the trauma and other PTSD symptoms lingering beyond a month, it is probably a good idea to seek treatment.

How Eye Movement Densitisation Reprocessing [EMDR] works

EMDR cures our sensitivity to triggers and memories by decreasing the emotions associated with them far more quickly than time might do. Time can also complicate PTSD.

EMDR cures the demons - eye power!
EMDR cures the demons – eye power!

The eye movements stimulate the brain’s processing of the trauma material so that it becomes integrated; meaning it becomes background memory like our first day at school has become.

Complicated PTSD

When your life and symptoms have become complex, it will just take more sessions than the few that it takes for simple PTSD done soon after the incident. EMDR will alleviate some symptoms quickly, but sometimes other issues which may seem unrelated arise and have to be dealt with too. However, EMDR will heal you far quicker than talk-therapy.


Only masks the symptoms, it doesn’t cure the problem which triggers PTSD. You can free yourself from the side-effects, having to remember to take medication and the costs by curing the underlying problems with a minimum of discussion of the problem – using EMDR.

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