De-stress Retreat – COME & TRY IT

De-stress Retreat

De-stress Retreat invitation for you to share with your contacts on your Social Media pages – and consider coming along 🙂
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10am 17-18 June 4pm  2017

Retreat Try Essential Oils
De-stress Retreat Try Essential Oils

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Do you know somebody who needs a Break with TLC?  You?

COME & TRY De-stress Retreat Activities like:-

*Yoga before Sat night dinner 5-630pm & 1030- noon Sunday
*sharing APPs with meditation and other self-care tools
*Learn about Essential Oils’ benefits and choose some to add to your own pot of pure body butter cream [included in the price]
*Fun art activities with a healing motive
+A healthy food smorgasbord lunch and recipes to share
+See how easy it is to grow your own veges

De-stress Retreat bush walk
De-stress Retreat bush walk

+Explore the National Park and enjoy panoramic views [walking]
+Wonderful people to chat with and experience caring, nurturing support

De-stress Retreat Costs

Contribution of $70-120 according to what you can afford

My aim is to keep costs low so that EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD to come. Those who can pay more, we appreciate you helping others less fortunate.  When you are relaxed, and have people to share ideas with – all kinds of opportunities can emerge 🙂

Receipts for Professional Development are available.

De-stress Retreat Yoga

De-stress Retreat Accommodation included in the price 🙂

We have 3 couple beds [KS, QS & double & another double mattress] and 3 singles which can all be in separate spaces, 5 private bedrooms. …. first in best dressed 🙂 🙂

You don’t have to bring anything, unless you have special dietary needs, comfort food, BYO drinks etc.

I’ll be sending out the menu soon once I’ve got  all the registrations finalised.

If you like your special brew of coffee and have a simple machine, it would be welcome, as we tend to only have simple drinks.  Somebody is already bringing one…. so let us know and we’ll ask if she’ll be happy to brew yours 🙂

But in this cold weather, a hot water bottle, electric blanket and any favourite  bedding/pillow is always a bonus.

De-stress Retreat Winter Garden
De-stress Retreat Winter Garden
De-stress Retreat Winter Creek
De-stress Retreat Winter Creek
De-stress Retreat Winter walk
De-stress Retreat Winter walk
De-stress Retreat Winter Garden
De-stress Retreat Winter Garden

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