Daily Valentines are Better

Daily Valentines

Are you disappointed with the whole Idea?

A Daily Valentine sharing the housework daily predicted better, more lasting relationships in a  Swedish research study. Of course this talks to the guys in most but not all cases. Additionally, telling everyone how much you do is also counter-productive…. but women there is a really important part we have in this too!

Daily Gratitude

In Imago Therapy we call it Daily Appreciations – which doesn’t need any explanation. The Swedish Research also showed that acknowledging whatever each does for the other creates a higher quality relationship. So even though women, we just get one and do the housework, it is important to notice and sit down and romantically give an appreciation to your Man – not every day about housework of course. The Swedes call it an ‘Economy of Gratitude’.

Good Communication

The Romantic language and attentiveness of the early days, and Valentine’s Day is important for daily health and well-being of a relationship, was another finding of the research.

It takes effort and commitment to rekindle the romance.

Time is needed to listen to the other’s perspective, clarify and be empathetic to their feelings.

When is a Relationship Worn Out?

After 53 years, struggling with walking frames and dementia, couples in their 80’s still make a point of giving each other a kiss. They will tell you that life is no bed of roses – it is what you make it.

Never to late to kiss

Learning new ways to communicate might be all you need 🙂

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