Basic life needs gathering can be great fun – Ch 12

Basic life needs are foundational to a happy life Basic life needs freed Sophie from grappling with the incomprehensible events of Alida’s life. Delighting in the morning sunshine, she cycled to the farmer’s market for a week’s supply of fish, cheese, and vegetables to top up Bea’s garden supply. ‘Heb je een beetje stinkende kaas, … Read more

Communication problems need nipping in the bud quick

Communication problems can be solved easily  🙂 Communication problems can escalate into major conflicts if not addressed in the early stages. Imago therapy equips you with skills that make your communication easy, effective and pleasurable. Imagine all your communication problems replaced in only a few sessions where you are coached to become really good at … Read more


Relationships can thrive or suffer at Christmas Relationship-building skills are simple to learn, and all you have to do is make some time to learn new ways to understand and respond to each other. We teach you skills to manage conflict, create dreams and romance in your relationship again. GIVE YOURSELVES A GIFT OF LOVE … Read more