Boutique Retreat Venue


Boutique Retreat venues allow you & attendees to relax

With your team, group of clients  or attract potential clients to your healing practice, or all kinds of coaching businesses.  We’re even planning a 2 day workshop with an online marketing strategist, where we can learn and create our social media pages, how to drive readers to these and our websites – in a relaxing DEstress environment, interspersed with FUN & RELAXATION activities like shown below in our RELAX – sample different healing activities.

Boutique Retreat Venue is Affordable

Yet 4 people have a private bedroom, plus another private space in large room, and possibly 2 more private spaces in the grannyflat when it is available. We had a couple of people who preferred their own bed at home, but were back for yoga at 730am.

There is actually room inside for 6 yoga participants, and many more on the big lawn outside.

10-12 could participate in a Meditation inside.

wp_20161203_14_20_28_proWe also had fun doing a workshop trying many essential oils, learning what helps which needs using charts and handouts.

Then we created our own potion in rollers, body creams and spray bottles. Expandable table in eating area can seat 15 people.

Endless Coastal flat views
A short walk

See my FACEBOOK   post to learn more from another professional’s post about how to use places like mine.

Grannyflat in garden
Grannyflat in garden

The garden and nearby national park provide peaceful bliss to relax or walk.

December wildflowers
December wildflowers

I can help you design a program, menu and find activity leaders in response to your preferences and needs.

Or you can organise your own everything, and I’ll just do the dishes, heat/cool food, be a general ‘runner’/assistant.

Arrange a time to come have a look 🙂


When the grannyflat is available, you are welcome to phone 0417 997 016 to book your choice of days to rest, rejuvenate, write a novel, paint, walk, meditate or whatever takes your fancy. Please see flyer hills-retreat-flyer.  Only $35/night.

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