Best things in life include good communication

Best things are Simple and Free

Best things in healthy relationships include Love, Respect, Helpfulness and Good Communication which are the building blocks to true happiness.

Just like good medicine from the garden they are free, although some investment of time, effort and a little financial outlay is needed at the beginning … You’ll reap far more than you sow 😊

Best things
Best things are free

Imago Advanced Communication coaching facilitates any family members [who practice it] to communicate with respect, express their love and help each other through difficulties in the way that the other needs 😊

Investing in a few sessions can restore a marriage or other relationship, with people as old as an 82-year-old mother and 63-year-old-daughter, to exceed their previous best 😊 … opening your whole life potential including at work

To feel confident about your communication, listening accurately, expressing empathy to others and responding in the way that they really need…

Book an Imago Advanced Communication Skills Session today 😊 Ph 0417 997 016

Best things are Wholistic, and still free

Natural exercise is working in the garden and walking for half hour to reach a relatively near destination instead of driving, and eating seasonal fruit and vegetables – whatever we find in the garden is the typical life of the following example :-

Ikaria: an island with some of the oldest, healthiest people on the planet

There are places around the world where people forget to die.

People in these places live at least 10 years longer than most of us. They have low rates of heart disease and cancer, and almost no incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

These places are called Blue Zones, and one of them is the tiny Greek island of Ikaria, located in the Aegean Sea, near Turkey.

Learn more about their diet and lifestyle to improve your family lifestyle and well-being

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