A community with a vacancy

A community opportunity has strings attached

A community with a vacancy is rare. You may be looking for the right one or waiting to enter a community which is still building and planning or, there are huge waiting lists.

This is also possibly an opportunity for you to live the Cohousing lifestyle while renting and it will help give you experience in how to make things work in your community when you finally get to live in it.

Rental Options Available

3 x 1 for a family or 2-3 adults $500/week but another option is to add your own careful couple or single person to RENT in the sustainable self-contained flat — all for $700/week incl. 5 hours garden/maintenance/week is another combination for this large property? or
• Spacious sustainable self-sufficient 3×1 house shares garden with tenants you help find for self-contained sustainably built flat $250 – also available to move into in July, 2023.
• 🙂 You get a discount of $50/ once you have helped find good people to rent the granny flat, – share the garden and the work involved such as watering, pruning and weeding. Their rent payments decrease yours by helping pay for the sustainable features – give you a secure, stable price for power and free garden water until the last month of summer.
🙂 The granny flat occupants need to be acceptable to house tenants and the owner 🙂

The long-term goal is to provide an opportunity for residents to buy in as stated on the main webpage 🙂 But in the meantime, people who love the lifestyle can enjoy cheap rent and contribute to the work involved in living a sustainable lifestyle. The rent has a commitment to work-in-kind proportion to it.

A community with Sustainable features

This is a property to have a self-sufficient sustainable life in a healthy environment surrounded by wonderful wildflowers, fruit, vegetables, birds and the Australian national park across the way. We are looking for people who really want to live in a community collaboratively building dreams with a small amount of other people involved with the property. It is not just a rental in which to sleep, eat and live a completely separate life.

Sustainable features sometimes need time and attention but many people enjoy that time in the garden with nature, doing those things. You are the people we are looking for to live in a community way here, sharing our piece of paradise.

Every season brings different priorities see links to more information on the season name.


Watering:-  the manual reticulation systems rotate through a 3-day cycle – our own rainwater allows us to water something daily:-) Although it’s the intention for this responsibility to be managed by the older person in the garden flat, sometimes others need to help out.

Others collect dry leaves from a few places in the yard, that are mostly collated by the winds 🙂 A younger person takes responsibility for checking and cleaning the gutters, rolling out and tying shadecloths to shade vegetable garden and building windows, then rolling them up in Autumn.  See how to page

a community
Shadecloth SideProfile over hot Vege Garden


Light grapevine prune to get sunshine again. Clean intake openings of raintanks, rotating the rainwater intake to flush them all out before the final fill-up 🙂 Compost vegetable gardens, sprout seeds and plant out winter vegetable garden – yay my favourite time.


Some weeding – usually the vegetables, and extra building projects – another favourite activity 🙂


Wildflowers & weeds to make lots of compost see Manage  Fire Risk Stress-free

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