How do you rate your day?

end of day questionYou determine whether you will be happy at the end of the day, week and your life!

First you have to decide what makes you happy.

If you wrote out a motto for yourself – what would it say?

Compose one for yourself right now.

Now decide whether it fits your values. So its important to know what your values are, and if you don’t know – we can help you discover them.

Then you will be able to write up a motto that is achievable for you… which will make you Happy.

Will this make you happy?

The next step is to assess if you have raised the bar too high for you to achieve, or is it too easy?

Think back about what made you happiest in your life, and describe what was the best bit. Pretend you are telling your best friend, then use this as a standard to start describing your values, and what is achievable for you.

Simple isn’t it?

People cannot stand outside themselves to analyse these things, which is why so many seek assistance from counsellors. We will be your mirror, so that you can work this out.

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