Tears help release your pain and grief

Tears on seeing photos of the Institution’s interior Tears sneaked over Sophie’s cheeks as the last glimmer of hope faded. What was now a beautiful property with modest-sized buildings had lulled Sophie and her sister into hoping that Alida’s last year had been pleasant. ‘Is it okay to show you more? Or is it too … Read more

Wiping tears ends one painful moment

Wiping tears gives us clear vision Wiping her eyes, then nose, seemed to be the signal for the man to quietly walk to a few metres from Sophie’s side. He smiled gently as she apologised, then pointed to the names on the sign made of tin. ‘This may have been done by Emmanuelle’s husband,’ Sophie … Read more

Tranquil environments heal mind and body

Tranquil places can be found in your local area Tranquil silence created by the density of large trees was broken by a gaggle of geese. ‘Look at the animals up there.’ Marianne hurried up to pat a donkey, a tiny Shetland pony and goats. On the other side of the road, Anna looked at a … Read more

Outings give institutionalised people hope – Ch 13

Outings create excitement ‘Outings might be very wet today,’ Sophie announced to Bea as she glanced out of the kitchen window. ‘Yes. It’s coffee time,’ Bea sang. ‘Laaah lele laah. I’ve been busy running up and down the stairs, collating and sorting business paperwork. What are you going to do on such a drab day?’ … Read more

Institutions depersonalise people. Chapter 7

Institutions disconnect people from reality Institutions robbed Oma Alida of everything, including such a simple pleasure as cycling on sunny summer days like this, Sophie thought as she peddled back to her aunt’s home.  After an exhausting half-day expedition to find a service provider in Lanaken, she was finally connected to the local Belgian internet. … Read more