AEVA EV Expo gives Facts

AEVA provides facts about transport, energy, emissions AEVA EV Expo is coming up fast! There’s a full expo hall and plenty of engaging speakers and panellists for the Friday Conference. Get the facts from  experts, consumers, owners and those who’ve converted perfectly good cars saving heaps on recycling energy, cost or waste. Please,  share any … Read more

Old lady is shining example – Ch 9

Old lady Cautions and Inspires Old lady, Sophie snorted to herself reflecting on the previous evening’s comments made by Bea who was perplexed at why her workers loved to visit her. A little while later, Bea joined Sophie in the kitchen. ‘Today the gardener comes. I wonder what mischief he will cause today?’ ‘Oh, was … Read more

Chapter 5 – Fibromyalgia in Alida’s family

Fibromyalgia in Alida’s children ‘Fibromyalgia is something I’ve not heard of before. I cannot find it in my reference books.’ Bea refilled her tiny coffee cup. Sophie stopped washing vegetables and faced Bea. ‘Did Mum never tell you about it?’ Bea shook her head slowly. ‘Well, I hope I can make it clear. Mum suffered … Read more

Alida Gets Life – skirt – Chapter 2

Skirts tell a story ‘Jetlag hit me today, I need to get an early night.’ Sophie stood, ‘So if you’ll excuse me, I need to unpack then I’ll be back to cook dinner.’ ‘Perfect. I can have my nap.’ Bea headed for the natural leather couch. Taking separate plastic bags from her suitcase, Sophie plodded … Read more