Give and Receive Caring Regard for healthy Relationships

Give and Receive Positive Regard for good health

Healthy relationships and personal health rely on our ability to Give and Receive love, caring connection, appreciations and encouragement.  Would you like your life to have these behaviours in abundance?

Give and Receive
Give and Receive

How true is this Give and Receive verse for you?

When you read this little verse, does it prompt you to consider improvements that are needed in your relationships?

Do you know how to go about introducing the necessary changes?


Imago Therapy shows you how to

Lavish positive behaviours which nurture marriage, and other relationships on your family and you will see a transformation back to the romantic phase.

It is so natural and easy to give and receive caring regard, appreciations and encouragement when you are a dating couple.

What happened?

That’s a common question in couple counselling. Couples who have lived together for over 20 years, complain how they only argue now. They don’t want to separate, but it’s unbearable – killing their marriage and health.

How we help

Our simple coaching equips you with the skills to improve every relationship in your life so that appreciating, caring in the way that the other needs, and encouraging becomes a natural way of being again. The best part is that the couple then practices their rekindled skills with their children, workmates and friends.

One couple came back recently after one session and said, “Our teenager and twenty year old children are calling us weird, can’t believe that we’ve not fought for a week and are saying all these nice things to each other.”

That honeymoon lasted 3 weeks, till the inevitable slip up back into the bad habits occurred. After another coaching session, they resumed their preferred caring regard for each other and returned a few weeks later to begin improving their relationships with the children.