Come Learn Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions is called TRE

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions will be taught and practised at this relaxing TRE workshop which will run from 10.30 to 3pm  on Sunday May 6, 2018

You will learn about the TRE and nervous system, along with some other calming and regulating techniques for fight, flight and freeze regulation in two sessions of 1.5 hours maximum each.

There will be a healthy lunch provided during a 1 hour break [1230-130pm] in which you can also have a nap if you need😊

However, during the sessions, you will be practising the relaxation and recovery techniques, so you should feel rejuvenated after each session as that is the aim 😊

Morning & afternoon herbal teas or simple coffee/nature’s cuppa fruit & nuts will also be provided…. All for $40 to cover costs.


Please register for Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions workshop via and I will supply the bank details for you to secure your place.

TRE position

TRE position

The 8 places filled within 2 weeks of announcing our workshop in Nov, 2017…so registrations will close 9 March 2018.

 2 places are already taken

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Facilitator

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Tony Fitzgerald (PhD in Medical Physics). Here is Tony’s intro about himself 🙂
I have over 20 years’ experience in medical physics, working in this science based area supporting advances in technology and techniques in the medical field. The last 10 years I have been learning and experiencing body based work, as a massage therapist and TRE facilitator which has helped me develop more intuition and self-connection. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue first hand for years, and know what it’s like to take days to get over physical exertion. Like many others, I’ve had to quit my job and take months off work. With my training and body-based experience I am so very grateful to be fully recovered from CFS, and happily entertain my 2 small children (aged 10 months and 4 years), surf, kitesurf and still have energy to run my own business and enjoy life and adventures with my gorgeous wife. I am now studying why and how people recover from chronic conditions like CFS/ME and seeking to be a leader in this area sharing the latest body based methods with people who will value it in their own recovery.

More info at

Proposed Menu

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Healthy Food

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions Healthy Food

Tension Release Exercises for Fatigue Conditions  Lunch

Quinoa, Lentil, chick, green, yellow pea salads & garden fresh greens & tomatoes

with side herbs, spices & oil

Bread, Basmati Rice available if you need

salad –  Tomatoes, spinach, silverbeet carrot, celery [Side oil dressing with oregano]

Nuts – almonds and cashews

Fruit in season

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Walking with Native Wisteria Wandoo

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