Valentine’s Purpose is to remind us to Re-Romantise regularly

Valentine’s Purpose is to Cultivate Romance

Valentine’s Purpose is to create an opportunity to rekindle the Romance that brought you together to the point of deciding to commit to each other. Research has shown that within 2 years, most couples’ romantic behaviours have decreased – some say disappeared. Oops, what is holding the relationship together now?

Lost that Loving Feeling?

Imago Therapy focuses on Valentine’s Purpose which is rekindling Romance 🙂 We give you wonderful homework that often is what transforms a relationship soon after the first session! But they say it takes 66 days practice to establish a new habit – or get rid of the bad ones. We used to estimate 21 days… but hey, if it’s nice it’s got to be an improvement.  We take you back to the beginning… what was it that attracted you to each other?

Valentine's Purpose
Valentine’s Purpose

Reminiscing the Romance

It might be just the tonic that will boost your relationship again. Try sharing with each other what attracted you to the other – whilst you share a simple meal in a special place like the beach at sunset. The weather is going to be magic for that on Valentine’s Day!


Relationship Vision

We have a career and organisational ‘vision’ and ‘mission statement’… why not your relationship?

When we know where we stand in relation to each other and what our purpose is to each other, we feel secure and our actions or words can spring from those intentions. Here’s something else new to discuss on this romantic time together alone on Valentine’s Day 🙂

How did your Valentine’s Day go?

Valentine's Purpose
Valentine’s Purpose

Did somebody miss the opportunity?  Did you miss the mark?  Was somebody disappointed?  Imago Relationship Coaching can help you learn more about what each of you likes as a surprise or treat at this stage of life – it probably isn’t the same as 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago…. pre-children!  Book a session 🙂 Phone 0417 997 016 today.

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